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We are looking for a self motivated person who has a positive attitude, a flexible schedule and is very competitive in sales.  We expect this person to be honest and to have a great work ethic.  This person is to be a person of integrity, and someone who is a team player.  The job will consist of providing the absolute best customer service in the wireless industry.  Assisting customers in their decision of what is best for them for cellphones, service and accessories. Also the everyday duties that must be done in a retail environment to keep the business growing and looking beautiful, such as cleaning the store, restocking accessories, checking in orders, trouble shooting customer problems, making follow up phone calls...


   Alan Nelson, the Owner of The Cellular Connection, has over 32 years of experience in the Wireless Telephone Industry. Alan worked for Clinton Electronics (RadioShack Dealer) in St. Johns for almost 12 years. He also worked for RadioShack Corporation in Lansing for almost 10 years. Alan decided to venture out on his own and put his vast knowledge of the Cellular Industry to work for himself, and serve his Home Town Community. We have been in business here now for over 12 years.
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Chad Mulinski joined our staff in September 2016. 
Contact Chad at chad.mulinski@thecellularconnection.biz

  Adrienne Stiefel joined our staff in November 2016.
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  Trevor Fox joined our staff in November 2016.
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  Kaleb Kemp joined our staff in July 2017.
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  Damian Schilling Joined our staff in November 2017.
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